Passwords/Auto logon et al

I wonder if anyone can shed some light?

I have a D-Link ShareCenter Quattro DNS 345 NAS.  It provides 2 RAID Type 1 Volumes as Windows shares and no servers are set up.  The shares are mapped on my pc with their own drive letter.  They store my music and movie files.  There are NO accounts, user names or passwords set up on the shares.  They are visible to all pcs/laptops on my network and available to all for read or write. 

They are accessed for music by my Sonos system and for movies by two WD TV Live units each attached to a separate TV.  The main WD TV Live is the latest version (1 USB port on the front and 1 on the back, fully-featured remote) and the second unit is the older version (1 USB port on the side and 1 on the back, basic remote).  They are set with different device names and assigned correctly to my home network Workgroup. Both are connected to my home network via NetGear Powerline units delivering around 200 Mps.  My method of access on both WD TV Live units is to “Network Shares”.  One the older unit, there is a settings option “Auto-Logon to Network Shares” and this is set to “ON”; on the newer unit, no such setting seems to exist – anyone know why?

I’m not clear what I actually did but both the units work fine and display my video files (mostly recorded from TV, HD where possible) perfectly including those at HD.  But, I have the following questions:

It can take up to a few minutes for the units (particularly the older one) to find network shares after power on.  What is the reason for this?

The menu navigation on the two units seems completely different and although I have got the units working, I am unsure how I got there as regards user/password etc.  Basically, on the old units, I always have to select “Movie”, then I always have to choose from “Servers” (I can see my Sonos and main router/hub) or “Network Shares”.  I select “Network Shares” and can then see the folder structure and go from there. There is no request for any user/login info understandably as the “Auto-Logon to Network Shares” option is set to “ON”;

On the newer model, choosing “Movies” seems to take me straight to my previous choice (ie it’s sticky)  of network shares (again no requests for password or similar – good!).  Again, I can’t tell what if any passwords have been set or how I seem to be “auto logging on”.

Although it’s working, can anyone advise how I can see if any passwords are set, if so what they are, how I can positively set “auto logon to network shares” on the newer unit and what the default user (I believe it’s “anonymous”) and passwords are.  It’s matter of understanding what I’m doing for if and when the system needs setting up from scratch again.

Many thanks

Yes, the option exists.   

When you add the share to your media library, the credentials are saved.

If you’re not using the Media Library, then when you connect to the share, you should check  the “Remember Me” checkbox.

Thanks for this.  So if I have shares with no user/account/password set, when I FIRST try to log on do I just delete the default user name (anonymous) and password and tick the remeber me box?

No need to delete anything;  just tick the box and then click the green checkmark.