Password truncation at inital entry leaves you thinking you screwed up your password

I as with most of you make use of KeePass for my hundred odd passwords.

As with some of you, my KeePass is configured to generate passwords longer that 25 chars.

Today (Jan 8, 2016) while running the latest WD-100 MyPassport Ultra software,
I discovered that if you paste a password greater the 25 chars, the dialog truncates it for you, and without telling you so.

THEN when you go back and try to get into the drive using your KeePass, IT DOES NOT TRUNCATE and tells you your password is wrong.

So may have lost days, weeks or months of work because of this stupid bug.

I am a retired R&D Director, and think someone in either QA or Dev outa be looking for a new job.

Yes, I know, someone is going to step on this.

Hi there,

If you try to unlock the drive on a different computer, does it work?