Password protection disables SMB write permission with 1.04.17_V

Hello all,

I have recently enabled the password protection feature for SMB access on my WDTV Live (Part no. WDAAP0000NBK) running firmware 1.04.17_V. I normally mount the hard drive that I use with my WDTV as a SMB share, and transfer files to and from it.

However, it seems that as long as the password protection is enabled, write permission is removed from and I can only transfer files from the hard drive, ie. read from it.

If I disabling the password protection, ie. making the WDTV accept only guest connections (as it used to be with 1.02.xx), write permission is back and I can transfer files in both directions, ie. read and write.

Does anybody else have the same problem? Am I missing something?


actually I have no write permission even when the password protected mode is off. I had write permission even when it was password protected, but now i don’t. i think it got this way after the update before 1.04.17_v (i don’t remember the number). so i think my problem’s worse.

A little help please!

What OS are ya’ll using to “mount” the share?

OS X 10.6.6. It seems that smbclient allows to write, so I’d say that, at least in my case, it’s a bug of the Finder…

Jollino wrote:

OS X 10.6.6. It seems that smbclient allows to write, so I’d say that, at least in my case, it’s a bug of the Finder…

That’s a good point…   If the Mac can write using smbclient, that indicates the Hub has write permissions enabled.

You could also try manually mounting the volume via commandline.

I’m not sure of OSX’s syntax, but in *nix, it’d be something like:

mount -t -w cifs “//ip address/wdtvlive” /mounts/mountpoint -o username=“username”,password=“password”

substituting the appropriate names / paths / passwords etc…

I did try the mount command directly (albeit with smbfs rather than cifs, and if I’m not mistaken I was prompted for the password as my username is the same on the Mac and on the WDTV), but the Finder still saw it as read-only. I’m not on the same network with the WDTV right now so I can’t give any more precise information at the moment, but in one instance I had managed to make it work by manually chmod’ing the mountpoint to a+rwx (for some reason, chmod 777 did NOT work.) Of course, this only let the Finder write to the root of the share, and I only managed to make it work once anyway.

Curiously enough, a friend of mine with the same WDTV Live as mine has no issues on an older version of OS X on PPC.

Yeah, that’s odd!


chmod a+rwx …


chmod 777

are actually the same thing.  :)   Weird that the first worked and the latter did not.

It surprised me indeed. What’s weird is that even ls -l showed that it was still unwritable by user, not just the Finder. Perhaps OS X handles mountpoints differently. I know for a fact that OS X, just like BSD, doesn’t support the setuid bit, so who knows… I hope that OS X 10.6.7 fixes the bug, but what’s really strange with the WDTV is that it’s the only device that gives me this problem. I have accessed all sorts of samba shares in the past, and everything always went as expected.