Password Protect Backup using Smartware

I have MyBook Live and using SmartWare to backup more than one Windows machine. I couldn’t find an option to password protect the backup using the default backup share. From any PC I can access the backup share on \mybooklive\smartware with no password and see all backup contents of all machines. I can also retrieve other machines backup from any machine using the SmartWare retrieve option with no restriction! 

I don’t wish to use a private share that I create myself since backup won’t continuo automatically (see below link) and I wouldn’t be able to see list of backups on the MyBook Live dashboard.‘public’-on-a-my-book

If MyBook Live allows me to create private shares, then I would assume there is a away to protect the default backup location. Any help?

As far as I know there is no normal way to password protect the Smartware folder, since it is supposed to be  hidden, you can see that from the dashboard if you go to shares the smartware shared folder will not be there. Maybe using SSH but I haven’t messed around with that.

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Thanks for your reply. With no password protect anyone on the network would be able to see my content through

\mybooklive\smartware !

So in this case, I would have to use private share to perform the backup. But then I need a way to re-run the backup service once a day for example, since Smartware can’t continuously run backup on a private share!

Thanks anyhow. 

It seems that the backup process of Smartware is continuously running on a private share, unlike what’s described in below link:‘public’-on-a-my-book