Password not always working cant login

I must say everything has been perfect for a year
But now I am trying to login using windows 10 and it will login to my cloud but not to the dashboard
Then using iphone 6S I am having problems
I could not get it to login for to the MyCloud app but it did login to Wd Photo no problem same password I deleted and reinstalled app 2 twice and just would keep trying to login and it finally did using the same password
But also the mycloud app will not allow me to look at any pics I can hit it 50 times and nothing

Need to get to the dashboard

Thanks for any help

What happens when you click on the My Cloud Dashboard shortcut icon in Windows 10?

With the My Cloud App are you talking about your iPhone or Windows 10 not opening up the pictures?


Have you checked this topic out?

windows 10
I can get to my files but can not login to dashboard
Iphone with the latest update
I can login to photo app but the cloud app after many tries using same login info it worked
but can not select a file to open I can just keep hitting it and nothing

I uninstalled cloud from my PC and also did a restore at the same time
reinstalled files and was able to login
the app (phone) I uninstaller and reinstalled and dont know what happen or what I did but working