Passport Wireless Pro corrupt my SD card data

This is my first day to use Passport Wireless Pro , I would like to test it in different situation before I take it to work.

I use the same 32GB Sandisk SD card put to the slot is work fine. after that, I try to use the USB Card reader (with CF) and SD card slot at the same time, I plugged in the USB card reader with the CF and the SD card in the PWP slot, than I turn on the power button, the Passport Wireless Pro have blue light blinking, and I turn on the app, it only show the card reader but the SD card nothing to show, so I eject the card reader and hope the SD card appear again, but it still not show, so I take the SD card out and plug it again it still show nothing, I am worry about it and try to plug it into my MacBook Pro, I found that my SD card is dead, I am shock about the Passport Wireless Pro kill my SD card, but I put the card to my camera, it show the SD card cannot use and need to format, so I format it the card become normal again.

So I found out the PWP maybe corrupt your card file system and lost all the files, it makes me thinking again is it suitable to use it for professional work.


I suggest you contact WD Support for proper guidance on how to setup your Passport Wireless with your SD Card.


I tried duplicating your scenario, with an SD card and card reader connected via USB 2 port. I inserted both cards and powered up the MPWP and both were recognized and both copied images to the drive. Both the CF card and SD card were fine after being ejected from the MPWP. I repeated with different cards and it performed fine, again.

Maybe your SD card had error. Data can also be recovered off cards that are re-formatted and sometimes corrupt using software. Sandisk, a division of WD, makes such software for image recovery and it works great.