Passport WDBABM001088K Numerous Acronis Messages "....failed to flush data...."


USB2.0 on MoBo

Updated to WD firmware v. 2.018

WD software was removed shortly after drive was received.

My Passport has always been a bit temperamental, but lately it’s has gotten out of hand.  From the begining, about 20% of the time when I plug the Passport in, Win 7 tells me to “Scan drive” before it can be read.  Scanning clears what ever windows didn’t like. and the drive can be used.  However, after operating properly, occasionally WE can’t read the drive.  I need to remove it and plug it back in.  I have done a complete Format of the drive as well as several “Quick” formats.  No change.

I installed Acronis utility about 6 months ago, and have been receiving an increasing number of error message on the passport saying; “The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur.”  The error only appears when the Passport is plugged in, and not on any of the other four WD drives installed on my machine.

I mailed the drive to a friend recently to transfer some large files, and he could only read about half of what was on the drive.  When I got it back and running scan, I could read all the files.

Does anyone have any suggestions??



What type of my book was it windows 7 is not compatible with all of our my book products