Passport vs Passport Ultra


I have bought a 2T Passport this summer. I used it with the software included to backup my files.

The software allowed also to backup with other drives and to dropbox.

A few weeks ago, there was an update of your software, and now it’s not possible anymore to backup to other drivers and to dropbox.

It seems that I have to upgrade to the pro version for $29.

I have discovered there is a new model of the passport, the passport ultra, less expensive than the passport. With the new model, there is WD Smartware Pro.

And you ask to the owner of the previous model to pay $29 to have it !!

I don’t understand your policy.  You consider your customers as dumbs ?

Hello bzoum, after the Smartware Pro trial period ends, you can keep doing local backups, but you need to upgrade to Smartware Pro to automatically backup your files to Dropbox. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the Passport Ultra is higher than the My Passport, but there should be several price specials for both models depending on the website.  

  1. It’s not true !

The MSRP of both passport and passport ultra are $149.99 on WD store

And the current price of the passport ultra is $129.99 (on wd store)

 2. It’s what I said. A customer who bought the passport 4 months ago, like me, (just before the passport ultra to be on sale), has to paid $29 to use smartware pro !

Sorry, with such a policy, the customers cannot trust you.

Hi I just bought 2 of the 1 tb ultra drive’s Staples price 89$