Passport Ultra Windows 8.1 - Set the Label on the Drive but it will not stay

I have a number of Passport Ultras and in Windows Explorer they show, for example, Local Disk (G:).  The problem is, I can rename Local Disk (G:) to something else, but it won’t stay set to the new name.  Since I have several Passport Ultras, I would like to be able to see which is which in Windows Explorer and Local Disk (F:) and Local Disk (G:) and so forth, isn’t very helpful.  Moreover, I’m not sure I can count on remebering drive letters since I suspect Windows might change Drive letters (if I remove the Passports and put them back) to whatever letter is available .  I think a descriptive label might help with this, but I can’t get the name to stay set. 

I have tried the following

  1. Rename by right clicking the drive in Windows Explorer - changes, but doesn’t stay

  2. Right Click the drive, go to properties and change the label there, doesn’t stay

3. Go to Drive Manager and Rename the drive there.  Keeps the name (that is, shows in Drive Manager correctly), but doesn’t show in Windows Explorer.

4. Install Smartware - The name set in Windows Drive Manager shows correctly, but does not change Windows Explorer

Does anyone know how to set the External Drive Label for the Passport Ultra so it shows in Windows Explorer


Tim Conway


Are you able to try renaming the drive on a different computer. Also make sure that the drivers for the passport are properly installed.

You should be able to change the name of the drives without any issues.

I installed the Drivers and the SmartWare, but no luck. 

Here’s some other things that might help sort out the problem

1.  I have two WD Passport Ultras, both bought at the same time.  But one I started using right away by simply plugging it in and using it, no drivers or other installations.  The second I left unopened until I got ready to setup up a more formal backup routine.  The second (new out of the box) renamed without problem, the first (used for about 2 months with data on it) will not rename. 

2.  I have a Seagate Backup Plus, also about 1/3 full which will not rename either. 

Again, it does hold the name in Windows Drive Manager, but is not visible in File Explorer. 



Also just tried the autorun.ini option, that is, creating an autorun.ini, putting it in the root of the external WD Passport drive with the entry



…still will not hold the name.  Right Click the properties in the drive and in the General Tab, where the name should appear, it will remain blank. 

Seems like a Windows problem of some sort.