Passport Ultra connected to WiFi Routers USB

Previously backed up my laptop when the Ultra was physically connected to it’s USB port without a problem.  Now I have a fancy new Cisco Wifi Router EA4500 with an additional USB port.  I can see the networked Ultra & have even played movies & games on it with my laptop & Roku,  but how do I get WD Smartware to see the correct file and perform backups of my entire laptop again?

The whole idea was to avoid the hassle of physically connecting it since it’s down the stairs & in the other room. I am also using this Ultra drive as a media center since it’s 2 tb big and my laptop is only 350 gb.

In the settings tab I can use the retrieve folder & see the Ultra, my previous backup, movies, etc, but where do I point the apply button?  Does this new location then show up in my Home tab as before?  Can I simply set the backups to perform on a set schedule like I could do before?

Thank you in advance!

This type of setup is not supported for the software.

This is an USB drive so whenever connected to a Router it will not give you the same capabilities.

You might need to use another software to backup when connected to the router.


You solved it by not solving it.  

Thank you.