Passport ultra 2tb driver not loading

i use a passport ultra 2tb external drive , and due to a sudden forced shutdown , my hard drive is being detected in the device manager , along with steady LED indication on the hardrive , along with whirring vibration in the hardrive(which indicates the drive is running) BUT THE HARDRIVE ISNT BEING DETECTED IN THE WINDOWS EXPLORER , ALSO UNABLE TO ACCESS THE DRIVE.

have tried changing the cable too.

and also installed and uninstalled the drivers provided from this website , 3-4 times. The other WD smartware drivers , too i have downloaded , but since the drive is not being detected , i am unable to run them too.

how do i correct this?

thanks in advance


It is possible the partition is corrupted and you will need to format the drive in order to use it again. However, this will delete all the data stored in the drive. If you need to recover the data on the drive then I recommend you try using a data recovery software.