Passport Ulta external hard drive...format?

I bought a WD Ulta Passport 1TB to use as back up for my WIndows 7 PC. I plugged it in, did all the on screen directions for installing and running it. I then copied from my hard drive the things I wanted to put on the passport. All copied just fine. but then I noticed something…there is an option that says “format”…I know to use that for CD/DVD’s, but  was I supposed to format the passport BEFORE I did the installation? Or before I copied things to it?

If so…I can delete all the things I put on it, but if I format it, it says it will erase all that is on it…does that mean it will erase the on screen/installation steps it came with?

Or am I fine with as I did it?  I am a novice and ask…please respond in the “passport for dummies” version! Thanks!

Hello, the Passport Ultra comes formatted out of the box so there is no need to format it. You can start to copy your files right away.