Passport SE 3.0 - two disk problem

I have following disks:
2 x My Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0) 1 TB
1 x My Passport Essential SE (USB 2.0) 1 TB

I have the newest framework on every drive (they have diffrent versions but its not possible to update).
I use Smartware and windows 7 x64.

On every disk I use WD locker.
I would like to use 3 disks in same time (two disks in USB 3.0 port).

After I connect two disks that support 3.0, and unlock both drives just one partition is showing.

When I do the same with disk 2.0 and 3.0 its working without any problem.

My laptop support two ports usb 3.0. I thought its the power problem so I bought special "Super Speed USB (usb 3.0) Express card with additional power 5V 2A.
With this express card (I connect one disk 3.0 to laptop, and another 3.0 to express card - its also not working).

When I connect 3 disks in same time I can unlock all of them but just two partitions are showing (should be 3) - one disk usb 2.0 and 3.0

Looks like WD Smartware coding issue here. Software designers @ WD may have not anticipated this kind of scenario.

Try calling WD Support or you can try using one of the USB3 drives without security or formatted as a normal drive without any Smartware & security.

Just a suggestion only!

You could restore the drive using this download if you want to have Smartware back in the drive again.

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows (Extract & Copy to USB3 drive)

Mabikay – SLK

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