Passport SE 1TB blinking light - works on ps3 won't recognize on mac


I have a new passport SE. It was working fine and I was able to read & write on a Mac (10.6). I connected to ps3 to back up data from there. Now I get blinking light on Mac, and it won’t open or mount, but all files can be opened & read on ps3. I don’t have a pc to test. Other wd drives can still be opened on Mac.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get working on the Mac?

It needs to be formatted FAT32 to work on PS3. With FAT32 the largest file it will handle is 4 gig. If you don’t remove drives properly then you can corrupt system data on them.


I think it is formatted FAT32. 

Here is the sequence:  used earlier today on Mac - no problems.

Connected to PS3 to back up data.  Mac data also visible on PS3.

Now it is visible & open on PS3, but will not open on MAC.  All data from Mac (pics, music files, docs) are visible and can be opened on PS3.

Using external drives on multiple systems seems to multiply the problems with corruption. FAT32 is also more prone to corruption. It might also be a Power issue causing corruption. USB powered drives are more sensitive than self powered drives. They make a power booster cable that might help on the MAC. It’s Y shaped and uses 2 USB ports on PC. Contact customer service and see if they will send you one. Also try using a port on the back of the computer sometimes that make a difference.