Passport is My Primary Drive (I carry it back & forth from Home to work)?

 The intructions say to leave the new Passport constantly attached to my Home computer. But that is not how I would like to use it. Let me explain and maybe someone can tell me if what I’m trying do will cause problems?

I use the Passport has my primary drive. It has all my “most current Home, Work, and Music” files on it. I carry it back and forth from home to work daily. My work computer has no daily work files on it. I plug in my Passport and work on it.

Then I bring the passport home in the evening and would like to have all of the more current files on the Passport backed up in to my computer.

Will the WD Smartware have problems recognizing Passport as in is plugged each day? and what do I do if the USB Drive letter changes? (that has always driven me crazy?)

 Note: This is new replacement Passort I just purchased. I replaced the old because I was being have connection problems at work.

The WD Smartware is a backup software, when you connect the drive to another computer, and you have the software installed in that computer, it will backup the data automatically, this means that you will have two different backups in your drive, one from your home computer and one from your work computer. Now, you do not need to use WD Smartware, you can manually copy your data to the external drive, this way, you can choose what data to copy, update and which to delete.

Or you can choose to sync your data, from one computer to another, there is a free sync software, from Microsoft:

Hope it helps…  :smileyvery-happy: