Passport for pc corrupt file message

I have a 1000g passport that I’ve had for a year.  I am tranfering all my music onto it  so I can run it trough my stereo.

I have about 600g so far. 

When I scan this hard drive it gives me a corrupt file message      File .000  .  How can I get this file back.  When I try to play it through the stereo it pauses every 10 seconds… but it never pauses in the same place.

I know the files are ok because I have transfered some to CD’s without a problem.

Could someone help me?




The best way to find out is to run FULL scandisk to verify if there any bad sectors on the WD external drive.

This task would takes several hours, it is a good idea to do it before you go to bed at night .

a. right click on the WD external drive and select Properties.

b. click on Tools.

c.  click on Error Checking or Check Now.

d. put a check mark on both Automatically fix file system errors and  

the Scan for and attempt recovery bad sectors then click Start.

If that still not fix all the corrupted files, you may need to back up all of these files to another location, because you need to re-format the WD external drive to fix some of those bad sectors.

FYI: re-format the drive will erase all data, so back them up before you do that.