Passport firmware won't update

I recently purchased a new laptop (Windows 10, USB 3.0) and want to transfer files from old laptop (Windows 7).  The WD software will not let me retrieve any files from my Passport (files backed up from old laptop via USB 2.0 cable).  It forces me to update firmware and software, but when I download firmware file from the WD website and try to install, I keep getting the message: “Disconnect all USB devices (except mouse and keyboard), reconnect only the WD drive you want to update, and then click Rescan.”  Nothing else is plugged into my laptop except my WD Passport, I’ve tried restarting the .exe file and laptop multiple times, confirmed settings are as listed on website (turned off anti-virus, etc), but the message keeps reappearing.  Any help would be really appreciated.  Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the WD community

Have you tried connecting the drive on a different computer? This is to see if you get the same issue on a different platform.