Passport Essential - VERY VERY SLOW in a VM

I’m running a 750 gb Passport Essentials drive. I am not using the security feature of the drive, but is there some other automatic encryption going on? It is running HORRIBLY in a VM environment. Another external HDD (older) runs fine in the same environment.

Both externals show similar read/write characteristics using multiple utilities. But in the VM environment the WD passport becomes unusable.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Hi, do you mean you have a vm environment installed on the drive? If yes: I just bought a 500 gb Passport Essentials, and i have the exact same problem. I’m not using the security feature of the drive either. I have the same environment installed on an older Lacie external drive (also 2,5"), and that one runs fine. Read/write speeds of both drives are comparable. But exactly as in your case: In the VM environment, the WD becomes almost unusable.

Did you ever find out what causes this?

that drive must be repationg and formatted when you repartion it do it as fat32 os that has fat 32 will not be effected by other none fat32 os to make this short before i go black book on you just repartion the drive if you still have this issue pm-me  or just reply back to this post

hi dfrliltiger, first off, thanx for replying, i appreciate it. but i’m having a hard time deciphering your post. just to make clear: the 1st thing i did after buying the drive, is formatting it (ntfs).