Passport essential takes too long to back up

I have window XP.

I set to backup overnight and let it run. There is no other program running. However, It backs up only about 1 GB.

I let it run again next night and still have backup only 1.9GB out of 110 GB that needs to backup.

If my calculation is correct it will take 100 nights to backup.

Is there any one has any idea what is going on?

have you updated the software?

what are the specs of the rig that you are using?

you might say that you do not have any running programs, how many startup progs do you have? check the icons near your clock…

just  try to update the software, if it did not work. uninstall and reinstall the software and ofcourse update software…

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Thanks, dyames000


WD automaticall check to see if there is update and I did it.

My current updated Software is…

and yes it is running.

Last night it backup about 5GB out of 110 GB…

Still puzzle…

it might have been just a glitch… but is it still doing the same thing as of now?