Passport essential se usb 3.0 750gb spindown

Just installed this on my windows 7 desktop. Working fine.

I chose not to install any of the software that came with it. I have Acronis which I’ve used for years.

Since there is no on/off switch, I just let it boot up with the desktop and let it turn itself off at shutdown.

I would like to know if there is a way to have it spindown or sleep after a period of time. Right now, it’s running constantly as long as the desktop is on and I don’t wan’t to keep plugging/unplugging the usb  3.0 cable.

I read that there is an old wd app on their website that may do this, but i don’t know if it works with win7 or with my passport.


Normally the drive goes to sleep mode if the computer does the same or if the drive is not being in use.

If you want to control that, you will need to install the WD Smartware software and through the configuration of the drive you will see the options to set the sleep timer.