Passport Essential SE not recognised by macbook, nor can I install the latest Firmware

The green light turns on on my passport but I cannot view the drive through any of the tools on my macbook pro.

I am taking the obvious step to resolve this by installing the latest Firmware. However, when I launch the firmware updater it fails - “WD Firmware Updater download failed. Check your internet connection, then run it again”. I know for sure my connection is fine - is there something wrong with the firmware updater?

Please help me, I am getting desperate and need to access the drive.

Did you just get the drive and is not working or has it been for for a while and just stopped now? Before going the firmware route, did you check if the drive is on disk utility (Go> utilities> disk utility) or if it works on another computer?

not only what pizza says, but if the computer can’t see the drive, it won’t be able to update it either.  you need to make sure that the drive is visible on your computer before trying an update.