Passport essential resore snartware additional files

I have a big problem. I have installed and back up using smartware software on my sonyvaio with windows 7.I got robbed so I have lost my sonyvaio but I have the passport with me with all the data backed up. When I have plugged the passport into my new computer lenovo with windows 7 OS it didn’t autorun and I have realized that I have to download smartware software and so I did.The problem is that it can’t allow me to restore the files inside the passport also because it can’t recognize the files as back up but as ” additional files”.So to solve this I have let run the back up of lenovo on passport hoping that afterwards passport can recognize the file as backup. But they are still there inside a grey box called additional files of 126 giga byte.If I open the folder of smartware I find 10 folders with this name “YUYOOIUIHVCGHIHYDDEEVHII” I suppose the should be the back up I have done previusly of my sonyvaio.As you can understand I am really desperate. Pls help me. Is there a way to retrive the file from passport without using smartware? Can I send the product somewere and one office technical support could do I for me? This is my work back up with really sensitive Data

Can someone help me on this matter? I am really concern… All my life is inside that my passport… :frowning:

Check this post and see if that helps.