Passport Elite 500gb Will NOT Mount in latest OS x

So I was in the process of upgrading firmware and trying to remove the WDSmartWare this afternoon, and after I assumed everything was complete (there was no aborted installation and no premature disconnection) the drive decided not to mount. It turns on just like usual: i feel the vibrations, i hear the hum (NO clicking) and i see the three blue lights. It won’t show up in disk utility and when i connect it to a PC it recognizes that there’s a device plugs in but it reads it as something called “Initio Controller” i believe. I’ve tried both the short cord and the dock in multiple USB ports on my Mac Pro and my desktop PC and i’m having now luck. I’m using a unibody mac pro summer fall 2009. please save me. 

Did you do the update using USB or Firewire?  If Firewire, try again using the USB.  Also, you might doing the firmware on a PC.  I read somewhere that people doing that to get the firmware update to work.