Passport Disconnects with the slightest movement. HELPP!

My new Passport (Silver 500GB) Arrived yesterday and finally found out to format it to the correct format for Mac (despite WD’s lack of assistance) 

I have a problem the USB is loose. And I mean REALLY loose. I plug it in and it either hangs on for dear life or just falls out again.

When it does stay in then moving it a millimeter or more disconnects it from my computer which as you can imagine is REALLY inconvenient if I am using it and have to move it out of the way of something (will happen often as I am a photography/media A Level student)

Is this happening to just me? Or is it the same with everyone?



I had the same problem with 3 passport drives.

just click the link below to contact the WDC support, they will send you a replacemente cable for FREE.

WDC support

Hope it will be useful :slight_smile: