Passport "back up"

Hi there. I just purchased a 320gb Passport Essential. I am running Win Vista. My question is this: I just want to use the Passport as an external drive to store data. I don’t want to use it as a “back up” storage. I want to move all my music, pictures, and video on to it and access this data from there. Initially I managed to move some pictures and music accross. Now I can’t move anything. I get a message saying " cannot read from the source file or disk". The other curious thing is the region where the files appear on the Passport has headings " name, artists,#, genre" etc as though it were for storing music.

What has gone wrong??

I’ll suggest you to test your drive using a different computer.


Have you tried Nesvic’s suggestion? If you face same issue on another PC, try reading this post Msg3.

Mabikay - SLK

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