Passport accidentally moved to desktop

The hard drive on my pc crashed & I’ve been accessing most of my backed up files from the Passport on a portable WD. Not all of my files are there but that is another issue. I was showing the problem to my husband & he accidentally moved the Passport file to the desktop. It would show up with the ‘WD SmartWare’ icon under "Devices’ in the Finder window of my mac. He dragged it from there to the desktop & I cannot drag it back. Any ideas?

Hello rb13,

In order to move or drag files from one location to another, that file must have R/W (read n write) access to all users. You should try to drag that file out after providing the R/W of its file to all users. You may follow the below steps to provide R/W permissions to users:

  1. In the Finder, select the file or folder for which you wish to identify the permissions.
  2. Open the Get Info window.There are several methods for doing this. You can choose File > Get Info from the menu bar; use the Command-I keyboard combination; choose Get Info from the Action pop-up menu in a Finder window toolbar; or in the Finder, right-click or Control-click on an item and choose Get Info.
  3. Once you have opened a Get Info window, click the Sharing & Permissions disclosure triangle to reveal the item’s permissions.
  4. Select read and write permissions for all users.