PassPort 750 GB Opens on Some PC's not others, Has combo CD/WD Drive Letter

I have a 750 GB Portable Passport that I can not see the back-ups on its drive in 3 of 5 pc’s I have connected the drive to.
One of the pc’s that I can see the backup data is a Win 7 Laptop, the other is a Win10 desktop. The Win 10 desktop shows a CD/WD dual drive letter, K, but then it also shows a drive letter J which when I click shows me all of the backup files.

On two other Win 10 desktops and one Win 10 laptoptop I can only see a combo drive letter for the CD Drive/WD Passport. On these pc’s I can not see the backup files.

This has me confused as a heat exhausted road lizard. I have two other 1 TB PassPorts which I have no problem with at all as they both can see all of my backups on all five of the pc’s that I have tested, Win 7 and Win 10 pc’s.

This one 750 PassPort showing a combo CD/WD drive letter and not showing any of my backups has me as confused as a run-on road lizard. Is the 750 GB PassPort bad? All three of my PassPorts have different cable connections, so I can’t swap them to check for a bad cable. The 750 PassPort turns on, the light blinks, I can feel the slight on vibration. What is the deal with this 750 GB PassPort?

I thought at first that it was a Windows 10 issue, but not now. Anyone having this problem and have an answer please?

Hi there,

Have you setup any password on the unit ? Also if possible to get a different cable that does work with he unit to test out the unit see if the information appears.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. No I haven’t set up a password. I clicked on the “Unlock Password” and it gives a message that it is not locked.

All three of the PassPorts have different cable connections from the drive. That is a good thought. Perhaps I can find another similar cable and try changing that out. I haven’t any other ideas of how to solve this issue.

Thanks again.