Passport 1TB doesn't show up on my computer - but does on others. Both Verify and Repair Disk fail

I suppose I explained everything in the subject, but here it is at length:

I’ve had a 1TB MyPassport since August of this year. It was purchased for me after my 500GB MyPassport failed in exactly the same way.

The other night I discovered that it would not mount on my computer (Macbook). I tried restarting, logging in as a different account, changing which USB port it was plugged into, and checking with Disk Utility. No luck.

A friend came over with her computer and we tried it on hers. After some waiting time, it appeared on both her desktop and in Disk Utility. However, both Verify Disk and Repair Disk fail (after a long wait).

Are there any other possibilities for saving this drive?

Thank you.