Passport 0740 requires reconnect after host sleep

I have two WD My Passport drives both usb 3.0 @ 500 GB

0740 (glossy black)     and    0748 (matte black,  checkered pattern)  

connected to onboard backpannel USB 3.0

on Asus Rampage III Formula 

not using any WD utilties

default Windows 7 x64 drivers

and USB 3.0 host drivers are update

The 0748 runs great

// running a virtual machine a host can sleep and wake with no issues; drive will reconnect and VM still running

not true for the 0740

have to manually disconnect and reconnect drive; sometimes even requires cmd prompt:    

Power Profile: Overall power setting High Performance, have disabled usb selective suspend

1200 watt PSU so overall juice should not be a problem

Have tried both ports, 1 drive at a time and both drives 

no issues with 0748

0740 will never ‘wake up’ with out manual reconnect.

Could not find any firmware updates

Just performed full format and waiting on full chkdisk to complete.

I did read the big post about all the other issues.

Any other suggestions?

Still under waranty but was provided through my University so RMA will more than likely be a hassle.

And if I RMA won’t I just get stuck with another 0740?

Does the 0740 have a standard 2.5" sata and power connector?

I am thinking of just ripping it out sticking it on sata controller.


There are several post on the community regarding similar issues

Windows will struggle when two similar drives are connected

connect both drives, go to disk management and turn online the one that is not showing

you can assign a different drive letter and rename as well

let me know if that works

Rescan> still does not show up.

is the 0748

I really don’t think this is Win 7 issue.

Anyone at WD have any ideas?