Partitioning My Book Essential 3TB Problem

Hi Everyone,

I just bought the My Book Essential 3TB External Hard Drive and I wanted to create two partitions. There were some files that came with it on the harddrive originally and I wanted to just shrink the drive in half, rather than copying them over and making two separate partitions and copying those back. 

What I did was I right-clicked on the My Book (G:) and then shrunk the harddrive. I am not sure if I made a mistake but for some reason I got the shrunken harddrive which is about 1397.38 GB and then another partition for 650.62 and another partition for 746.49. I got the 650.62 partition functioning as a healthy partition, however the 746.49 one is unallocated and is greyed out. When I click on it all of the options are greyed out except for properties. I do not know how to access this partition and how I could properly divide them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: When I deleted the two formatted partitions (1397.38 GB and 650.62) , I still got two unallocated partitions one for 2048 GB and the other 746.49 GB, still cant do anything with 746.49 GB :frowning:

Hello, Try writing zeros with DLG and then format it again.

Hey Alucardz23,

what exactly does that do? I am a novice in terms of formatting right now. What I want to do is divide the 3TB in 2 equal portions in  MBR

Any idea on how to proceed?


It will leave the hard drive without a format, then from the disk management window you can format it again with the partitions sizes that you want to have.