Partitioning a 4 Terabyte Blue Internal Hard Drive

Yesterday I installed a new 4 Terabyte Blue Internal Hard Drive. I have an HP420 Workstation with six cores. It is running Windows 10 as its operating system.

The computer recognizes the internal WD 4 terabyte blue hard drive. There are four partitions listed. The first is labelled “System” at 329 MB and says it is healthy. The second is labelled my “C” drive with 232.56 GB NTFS. It is my boot drive and is healthy. The third partition is labelled “New Volume (E)” and is 1815.12 GB. It is healthy. The fourth partition is not labelled and is unallocated with 1608 GB.

My problem is that when I right click on the unallocated space, I cannot format it and have no options. I can’t make drive E any larger. How can I format this unallocated space?



Sounds like your HP420 BIOS Firmware has no UEFI enabled (GPT - GUID Partition Table)

In UEFI mode, Windows requires a disk partitioning mechanism known as GUID partition table (GPT).
GPT was introduced with UEFI, and allows for volumes larger than 2.2 TB

Thanks for your suggestion. I will look into this.