Partition Table Sizes

First thing I want to point out is I’m using Linux Ubuntu not Windows. Mac or PC as the only sections I figured this one was more fitting.

WD S/N: WCAUH321793

WD P/N: WD5000H1U

The problem is I accidently deleted the partition table of this entire drive thinking it was my internal. Good news is I’m pretty sure I can recover the data if I only knew the origional partition sizes of the drive and the partition types used. Linux’s FDISK is different than windows in the fact it doesn’t format data, only overwrite partition tables and then data.  Thanks much.

Additional Info: I do remember there being 5 partitions origionally on the drive.

I am using Linux (SuSE) as well as Windows XP (MyBook 1.5T) - my main problem is inability to write to the drive from the Linux machine: I am ‘denied access’ - and unable to change ‘permissions’: The drive simply doesn’t ‘obey’! :frowning:

When I ‘look at’ My Book from Windows, there appears to be only one (NTFS) partition - how did you get/see FIVE??