Partition of My Passport in Mac OS Sierra


I got a WD My Passport 4Tb recently and I’m not idea how to used it.

I have a:
MacBook Pro
macOS Sierra - Version 10.12.6
Startup Disk: Macintosh HD

I would like to do a partition, 1Tb compatible with windows and 3Tb compatible with mac. because now I’m using MacBook but I don’t know if in the future if I will use windows.

Basically, I want to use the WD to saves photos, backup of my Mac and iPhone and some documents in excel and word.

I’ve tried to follow the step by the website but it looks difference that I can see in my computer.

Please help! :blush:
Thank you.

Yes, you can create two partition, first partition with Windows OS compatible NTFS file format and second with HFS+ file system format supported by macOS. You can follow the steps provided in below article: