Partition is Visible but not accessible

Hi all,

a couple of days ago my hard drive was infected by a virus called CIEUHU.EXE. what it did was convert all my data to shortcuts I followed the steps to remove the virus but after that my hard disk is visible but free size bar is not visible under it furthermore when I try to access it, right click on it or try to access it via disk management my laptop hangs. I am using WD 500GB External. I need help please…

furthermore my Hard Disk Is WD5000BMV Serial[delete]

maybe this will help


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It didn’t let me tell you what sort of problem it is my hard drive is plugged in right now and showing as well but as soon as i will click it the mouse cursor will start showing busy but the window of my computer will freeze as well. and it will not unfreeze until or unless i remove the hard drive.