Partition BLUE 1T HD

Hi…I have a 1TB WD BLUE HD in my ASUS Deskktop. It is partitioned into C: and D:. The C: partition is almost full but the D: partition has plenty of room. Can I and HOW DO I make this HD ALL ONE PARTITION? (Without completely wiping out everything already on the HD). Unfortunatly I cannot add a second HD to this model desktop.

Thanks …

you could try 3rd party software …

epm claims to be able to extend/resize partitions without data loss or formatting

(but always have a backup of your data “just in case”)

Partition Assistant software, easy tu use will let you extend your primary partition.
I have recently used it to merge two partitions because I was unable to format one of the partitions

I don’t recommend you to delete the full second partition, keep it to store your data that way if you need to format C:Windows your data won’t be deleted.