Partial backup accomplished

i have done a back up of my computer however in “other” only one file stays left behind (i was able to backup 9676 files of a total 9677 files) and i get a “partial backup accomplished” message at the top left under the backup tab??? i am unable to get a complete backup with a blue checkmark as shown in the WD support videos… can anyone help?

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And does anyone know how to find out which file didn’t get backed up?

I can’t work this out but I need to know because I have 67 out of 36,600 documents that won’t backup but I  don’t know which ones. If I could identify them I would be able to see if there is something special about them which is preventing backup.

i have done a backup…but…it comes back and states…backup partially accomplished…why doesn’t it back up the all,please advise…thankyou…eric