Part 2 - Issues downgrading the wd tv live 3rd gen firmware

Can anyone please help… i posted this a few days ago but with no fix. Please anyone help.

Ive got the latest firmware for my wdtv live… i  want to downgrade to see if an earlier version will work better.

I downloaderd the earlier firmware Firmware Ver. 1.04.10_V unzipped and put the 3 files onto the root of my usb thumb drive however, the wdtv life isnt detecting the thumb drive with the earlier firmware… I formatted the thumb to FAT32.   

Any thiughts as to why this isnt working?

I think you’re posting this in the wrong forum.

Do you have “WD TV Live” or “WD TV Live Streaming” (3rd gen)?

This is the “WD TV Live” forum (2nd gen I believe).

They can’t even name this product properly.

this is the correct forum… anyone… please help me solve this issue

Your subject says you have a WDTV Live Gen 3.

The firmware file you link is for the WDTV Live Gen 1.

PLEASE solve the confusion – WHICH product do you have?  Best to post the MODEL number as shown on the label.

i have the WDTV Live Gen 3. sorry

Then here is the right rollback firmware.