Pandora no audio

Finally got around to do further testing on new firmware…3.01 and now Pandora has no audio but full display of song content.  Can anyone else try this and see if it is working? 

Looks like this is this:

NVM.  Connected the dots.

This is directly related to my problem.   My Receiver can handle the PCM output.   its still not right


I was messing around in the Services menu and tried some of the apps there and noticed one of them, I can’t recall which, muted my audio as if I had pressed the MUTE button. I only fell upon this because after a return to the HOME menu I accidently pressed the mute button and then I heard the music. But I can’t for the life of me remember which app caused it. I will try to replicate this today and edit this message with the info.


My bad, I guess. I went thru every app that plays music or video and no problems. I’m guessing I just wasn’t waiting long enough for the data to buffer to the Hub. My audio out is set to Digital Pass-Through via optical Only. Now I feel stupid…