Pandora issues continue

I’ve been having problems with all the WD media centers I’ve owned. I still own two, but have sent others back to Amazon for the same problem I’ve come to live with.

The problem is Pandora won’t work properly. It used to work just fine; then one day both of the units I own had the same error message stating “selected media not supported.”  No credible help from the WD staff on these forums.

As of now, however, when I fire up Pandora (just to see if it works after firmware updates) all it does is loop the commercials.  :angry: Big deal.

Hello, have you tried pressing the reset button?

Yes I have, but I will try it again. Is this a common problem?

Doing a reset didn’t help any. Now instead of playing ads over and over again, it just tellms me it can’t play that format. :cry: