Panasonic tv not shwoing files

I have a Panasonic tx-43fx555b tv. The tv is able to see the mycloud drive and connect to it, but when I go into the video files half of them are missing. When I go to my other TVs one is a old model Panasonic and other is a new Samsung tv they show all of the video files and are able to play them.
I have used Serviio Console to make connect my laptop to the tv and it able to see all of the video files of my laptop and play them

I have double check mycould settings against the start up guide and they seen to be correct as all my other devices are connecting to the box.
any help would be great,

you posted the Same Topic in the My Cloud forum … what you do own ?

a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home ?

they are very different devices and to get a relative answer … you need to be specific.

Let me know, i’ll request a WD Moderator to remove the non-applicable post.