Pairing Windows 8.1 PC to WDLIVETV Problems

I am trying to pair my ASUS laptop to my WD TV LIVE box in order to stream content from my pc direct to the TV screen.

The device attempts to pair before giving me a repeated error message that the network connection was unable to maintain a connection, or words to that effect. Of course once the devices have attempted once, they will then no longer retry until I turn off both devices and restart.

I am able to set up the WDTV box as a device on my network however. I am able to enter connected memory devices connected to the box from my PC.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? As far as I can see I have followed the instructions to the letter on numerous occasions.

If you are using wireless, make sure your router has a separate SSID for 2.4 and 5Ghz and only try and connect to the WDTV from the 2.4

With a Dell Venue 11 tablet, windows 8.1, over miracast I got it to connect as a projector with a basic router. You won’t be able to use wired ethernet to the WD TV. What happens though is that I have to do a search for the WD TV each time I connect. The settings on the tablet are not retained. When I use a Netgear PVT3000 the tablet remembers the connection.

I did update the tablet and WD TV with the latest firmware and drivers. Due to other problems (audio static and video glitches) it’s being returned.