I have a wonderful and bright son with an MS in English. I also have a 2T Ultra Blue with about seven PCs and fifteen years of pictures, documents, training syllabus (sylabii?) etc. on it. He thought it should be “secured” and went to the security tab and removed my administrator and user full access leaving OWNER. The problem is he didn’t set up me or himself as the OWNER and we are locked out of the unit and unable to access 1.2T of files. Other than a ten-pound sledge hammer does anyone have a solution to get into and revise the security settings?

Does this not work?

Also posted here today is a very similar message. It appears helpful, too.

If this works I will put you up for an IEEE award. Will let you know, sorry for delay in responding - travel.

Tony, awesome dude! While it took a bit of time to retake ownership of 1.28T of files - it worked just swell!! Thanks again.