Owner's Password vs. Admin Account

New owner here…  I was setting up my drive to a static IP address, and when complete it asked me enter the owner’s password.  Like others I never saw a place to update owner’s password, and it wasn’t my admin password.  I followed the instructions from a couple of other threads and reset the unit.  I was again prompted for an owner’s password, and this time I didn’t enter anything and I got through to the UI.  Still can’t find anything called owner’s password in the UI or the manual…  

Can someone tell me what the Owner’s password is, how it’s different than the admin password, and where I can update it?

Thank you.

They’re one in the same.

It’s set by going to USERS / ADMIN / update password.

It can also by set if you have the “Alert” that says “Secure your device,” and once that is done, that alert won’t appear anymore.