Owner login for backup via time machine


I try to backup my Mac book via time machine on my cloud home. I am asked for admin login, but I have never set up an admin. Log in with my normal account login does not work.

Appreciate your help. Many thanks in advance.

Time Machine Backup must use the Guest account

I set my My Cloud Home as the target disk for Time Machine. It used up all available space on the drive since there is not way to limit this. I had to figure out how to manually delete Time Machine Backups with Terminal, but even after deleting them, it’s still showing at <1% capacity. The backup is still sitting on the device and I can’t free up the space.

Do I have to wipe it and start fresh? I have a backup of the media files, so I could wipe the device and then copy the files back to it from the connected portable backup drive, but this still seems like a lot of work. Please help…