Ower off and Shut-down of My Book Live Duo

Long ago, very long ago, I learned that a disk should have its arms parked before power off. Now I want to power of the My Book Live Duo (MBLD).

In the WD SmartWare there is a sequence:

Set Up Drive, Settings, Utilities, Reboot ShutDown

that leads to a command “Shut down device”. This seems to be the correct way of stopping the disk.

Question: Can this command be called from the command prompt?

Background: A back-up (not WD software) to the MBLD occurs twice a day and in the time in-between I wish the power to be off. This is an automatic batch procedure and it involves a clock-controlled power switch in addition. Therefore; before the power-off occurs, then I would like to run a batch command that nicely puts the MBLD “to sleep”.