Overvolted HDD

I accidentally grabbed the wrong module PSU cable, one for a different PSU and I think I have blown the TVS Diode on two HDD

Any chance I can save these drives? Can I remove the diode and they will work again? I’ve little experience with soldering or using a multi-meter, although I do have both.
Drive 01: 4tb

Drive 02: 10TB

Measure the resistances of the two TVS diodes (SUA and Y4/Z4) and the two fuses (“S”).

I might not be doing it right

I get this for both SUA and Y4. It just says 1. if I reverse it. i GET .001 for the fuse on the left and .001 if I reverse it as well. I get nothing for the fuse on the right. This is the same across both boards

okay so its definitely the 5v fuse

Bridging the ends of the fuse with a blob of solder will probably get you going, but you need to decide whether you accept the risk. If you have the necessary soldering skill, you could replace the fuse, in which case a 2A rating should suffice.