Out of warranty replacement?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find it. My WD 500GB My Book has stopped appearing in My Computer. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting and nothing seems to really work. The light still comes on but I’m pretty sure its just broke. The problem is that my warranty expired at the start of the month. Is there any way to replace the HD outside of the warranty? If so how would I find out how much this costs etc?

Thanks in advance

Hi there

WD doesn’t replace out of warranty drives, if you would like to buy another one you have 2 options, using the WD Customer Loyalty program to buy a drive with a discount using your OOW drive’s serial number ( click HERE to access the program ) , or you can access the WD Storeto buy another drive ( regular price ) ,-

Thanks for the reply.

Any other way you know of to fix a WD hard drive as I do not live in US or Canada so that offer is not available to me

I could tell you basicly the same troublesooting steps you probably tried, but reading your post again I see you said the warranty expired at the beginning of the month, why dont you contact WD to see if they can do a exception since the warranty expired recently, you don’t lose anything by trying.-

Ok thanks for the help