Out of sub region

My WD Caviar stop working, the expirtion date is: 23/04/2013 but the Warranty Status indicate: OUT OF SUB REGION

so i can’t have a RMA#.  I don’t understand what that’s meen because it’s purchased in Canada. Can you explain to me ???.  Thank’s (I’m french poeple so excuse my poor english)

If you call tech support they should be able to help you with that.


Thank’s for answer, your link go to: CONTACT US page, next i click on EMAIL link, to go on: Service & Support page, after that  four link: 1-) I forgot my password, 2-) WD Support Portal, 3-) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), 4-) Continue to WD Support Portal. I tried all fourth and no link to e-mail a question to service and support. So i go round in circles :-(  Thank’s


Check the link below for the steps. 


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I’ll try it now  :slight_smile:



can i ask what if my hard drive status is out of region and im here in the phillipines? where can i send my OUT of REGION hard disk drive with distro warranty ?