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My Cloud home is used by my partner and myself.i am the system administrator and cannot resolve a problem
On attempting to upload photos on My cloud she receives a message saying Drive off line and cannot upload photos.
I am able to use the system but can ot resolve this issue.
Any suggestions.
Thanks for your help

@NEIL_OLIVER Use the below link for more information and see if it helps.


We cannot find this on the device (I Pad) furthermore I am getting the same message on my I Phone. The only device which can access MY Cloud is my I Pad.
Thanks for your help and further assistance would be valued

@NEIL_OLIVER Have you already looked at the User Manual? Do you own a My Cloud Home or a WD My Cloud? You have posted in the My Cloud Home sub-forum.


Sorry I actually own WD Home Cloud didn’t realise I had posted on the wrong forum

@NEIL_OLIVER Sorry, I never heard of the Home Cloud. You can use the following links to find devices that WD sells.


Hi it is actually My Cloud Home

@NEIL_OLIVER If you have already read through the User Manual and added your partner as a User then you may want to look at this too that comes from a search of the Knowledge Base.