Other languages and specific diacritics


I went over the manual and read some of the forum but I did not read any option on selecting interface language and more importantly, to select different character set with the specific diacritics.

I have a few movies with romanian subtitles. In particular, I am interested if there is support for ISO 8859-2 character set that includes the romanian diacritics.

I am not sure if you can choose language for subtitles, never tried it.

However, in the settings menu there is a section where you pick character set for other languages.

I used Cyrilic WIN-128 to display russian file names.

Thank you for your reply.

What other characters could be chosen from that menu please?

I couldn’t find anything related in the user manual, is there a place where I could see these characters listed to make sure that the mentioned character set is available?

Interesting… the WD Live seems to be unix/linux based so the character sets used should be as per ISO standards, not WINxxx, created by Bill Gates. Could any of the WD staff answer please?